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Take Action with Metro Vancouver

As you may be aware, Metro Vancouver has given first and second reading to the Southlands development application, and it will now be referred to a Public Hearing to be held Thursday, May 1st, beginning at 11:00 am in the 2nd Floor Metro Vancouver Boardroom at 4330 Kingsway, Burnaby.

As we have come to expect, a weekday morning Public Hearing will make it difficult for many to attend; however, we encourage you to be there and voice your opposition to this plan as this will be the last stage before a final decision is reached.

If you are unable to attend, you can still send correspondence regarding this application by emailing

We urge you to do so and please share this information with all friends and family members who reside in the Metro Vancouver region. They all have a say with Metro. 

Both Metro’s report and the report submitted by our group contain many key points that you can refer to when submitting your comments, as it is clear the application violates Metro’s Regional Growth Strategy Planning Principles.

Although it has been a long road thus far, this will be the last opportunity for your opinion to be heard so please take the time to attend the Hearing or, at minimum, send in your correspondence.   Metro'MMYour communication will be more effective if you indicate your opposition to the Southlands application based on the Regional Growth Strategy and the 5 planning principles. We have summarized these below and feel free to include your own views on why the current development proposal is a bad idea.

We have spent five years fighting the latest round of Southlands development - please take 1 minute from your busy day to send an email to  indicating your opposition to the Southlands application. 


The Five Goals of the Regional Growth Strategy

Goal 1 – Create a Compact Urban Area.

Southlands is outside the Urban Containment Boundary and development would create high density housing far away from the Town Centre and transit services. In addition, the Tsawwassen area already has at least 2500 approved housing units, which will result in large population increases already surpassing Metro’s goals for growth.


Goal 2 – Support a Sustainable Economy.

Increasing the population does not guarantee increased economy and many of the new residents would be working outside of Tsawwassen. In addition, the loss of over 300 acres of farmland reduces the ability to create a sustainable agricultural economy, one that also supports food production and food security.


Goal 3 – Protect the Environment and Respond to Climate Change Impacts.

Building on a floodplain, increasing the number of vehicles, diesel particulates from the hundreds of thousands of dumptrucks of fill, destruction of bird and wildlife habitats – all poor ideas.


Goal 4 – Develop Complete Communities.

The current plan will NOT provide “affordable” housing and diversity of housing will be determined by the future housing market. Putting houses far away from the town center will not function to develop a more “complete” Tsawwassen.


Goal 5 – Support Sustainable Transportation Choices.

The location of the vast majority of the homes is as far away from transportation hubs as possible. Those living close to Boundary Bay will be serviced by a once an hour shuttle bus, forcing residents to drive rather than use more sustainable transportation choices.



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Save the Southlands  



Much has been said in the media recently about the facts surrounding this proposed development. The developer and his supporters have attempted to gain public favour by marketing anecdotal information and asking you to ‘imagine’ it as fact. What remains a constant and irrefutable truth is that farmland, and especially Southlands, should not be developed for residential or commercial purposes. The impact of this development cannot be reversed. It will be felt daily with trucks and cars congesting our limited roads, the destruction of valuable wildlife habitat and the loss of irreplaceable farmland. The character of our community and our way of life will change forever.

 Let’s be clear that this development is not a compromise. The majority of citizens have continuously voted in favour of maintaining all of the Southlands as farmland. The developer’s profits will be at your expense. Building on a flood plain places people in harm’s way. Ignoring expert opinion on the costs to taxpayers is poor government.

Here's a synposis of key issues to be aware of and to ask questions about:

1. The costs associated with this development to Tsawwassen taxpayers is currently about $23M. Will all these costs be borne by the developer? How much of that will come out of your pocket?

2. Southlands is mostly a flood plain. How will public safety issues such as flood protection and earthquakes be addressed? Why isn't Delta following the recommendations of their own engineering report regarding these issues?    

3. How much fill will be required by Delta before development can occur? How many dump truck trips will that require? How is Delta going to prevent traffic issues with all these dump trucks? How is Delta going to prevent diesel particulate from congesting our air?

4. Traffic Woes. The TFN development will cause double and triple the traffic volume by 2015. Should we add 2,000 more vehicles with Southlands development? 

5. With Metro Vancouver’s decision to take Langley to court for Regional Growth Strategy violations, why would Delta proceed with this application when Metro clearly supports the preservation of agricultural land?

6. Housing Diversity. We keep hearing that housing diversity is necessary in Tsawwassen. Then why isn't Delta insisting on housing diversity that meets the needs of all age demographics? Instead, we're only getting condos. Only one cottage in sight....

   The yeatrThTheIn the meantime, the Southlands proposal is only one of many current issues that will have significant impact on the community. The port expansion project is having a Public Meeting on Saturday, February 16th at 2:00pm at the Sundance Inn Banquet Hall (6574 Ladner Trunk Rd). Details are below if you wish to attend.        WWIF

We ask you to send on-going emails to Metro Vancouver.

Send emails, or call:

Your on-going support and patience is working. THANK YOU

P.S. Remember to visit our new Facebook page, watch the YouTube Video on Saving the Southlands, ensure that all household members sign the latest petition, Save the Southlands    Donations are always welcome by mail, payable to “Southlands Trust”, 526 Centennial Parkway, Delta, BC V4L 1L1  




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